newsletter summer 2019

Dear friends of the Neue Mühle Dahmetal,

in the aftermath of the mill day we have a little air between haymaking and heat-free to tell you about the developments at the new mill.

A big party!

The mill day was a great joy for us this year. Together with faithful and new, spontaneous mill day helpers we organized a very nice party, which was visited by many people from the near and far surroundings – by bike, moped and car (half of the village was supposedly parked). 
The farm was beautifully decorated with homemade fabric garlands, old discarded hand tools, willow sticks and fresh bouquets. There were sheep shearing, relaxing archery, juggling and slacklining, children’s make-up, lavender prints and a colourful entertainment and music programme. The clowns Wastl and Rapha opened the stage with serious to funny moments and music and later One Drop accompanied the thirsty crowd through the hot afternoon. In the barn there were 2 shows at a later hour: The performance artist Mahé told a story on the vertical rope and the newly formed choir Sin&Sang from our village (under the direction of Peter) sang about the mills and of course the beautiful Dahme. 
The small river invited us to cool down in the waterfall and stay in our little boat, which was renamed by the children. We proudly present: the mosquito elf! 
Towards the end we had actually emptied all drinks, sold all stone oven cakes and waffles, a second load of Chili sin Carne and we were happy when surprisingly still a box of beer appeared, so that the helpers, bands and other organizers weren’t left thirsty in the heat.
With a tombola in the walnut tree and a small “farm shop” we offered found objects, soaps, illustrations and other products from the farm to improve the donation box a little bit (which worked very well and finally we can cover some of the club costs). The small stall was also a meeting point for many to ask curiously what is happening here on the farm. 

The feedback, especially from the surrounding area, was positive almost all round, which makes us especially happy as a community that is taking root. We could bring the Neue Mühle Dahmetal back into the perception of the region as a cultural place through this celebration, which we want to build up further in the future!


You can guess from the last sentences:
Something new is developing here at the Neue Mühle Dahmetal. We are currently a group of 7 young people who want to found a community here. We come from different parts of Germany, but most of us come from Berlin. 
The aim is to build up an ecological, future-oriented local agriculture with parallel, alternative cultural offers – or in short: everything that we ourselves miss here and find important for a good life (so called good food and party ;-).
We are still in the initial phase, looking for the best legal form and financing, talking about how we want to be human with each other, how to find suitable people and what it takes to create a good community. And apart from developing a sustainable vision, it’s all about everyday life, which has to settle down with time if we live together permanently – kitchen chaos, love life, sleeping places, food preferences, distribution of work … life, you name it.

Want to take part?

At this point: There is still a lot to do! Every now and then we would like to invite you to our project weekends, where we work together on the farm. Whether it’s haymaking, chopping wood or building a chicken coop – we are always happy to have helping hands. Fun is of course important too and we therefore would also like to invite musicians or other artists to get involved in their special way.
If you feel addressed, write us a short mail back and we will add you to our mailing list “helping hands”.

Sunny greetings
for the mill pack

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Oh, and the pictures of course!

We have collected the most beautiful moments of the festival here as photos. Many thanks to the wonderful photographer, who had the camera in her hand until the last corner. On request we can also send you certain pictures!

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