Preservation and resettlement of livestock and crops

One of our projects is the maintenance and reproduction of old animal breeds and crops that are in danger of extinction. The reason and idea behind it is that the mass animal husbandry is rising and fewer and fewer people are keeping livestock themselves. Because big farms only keep highly selected breeds that are the most efficient many other breeds got in danger of extinction.
Therefore we are building up a small herd of Thüringer Waldziegen, as well as keeping some Skudden sheep. Our goal is to change the chicken and duck flock more to that ideal in future times.  

Nowadays mono cultural agriculture doesn’t know any mercy for by-standing plants or insects. The use of pesticides and insecticides kills pretty much everything on the fields. Other green land is abused by people going on a rampage with their lawn mower once a week. To support biodiversity we are creating spaces on the farm that will stay untouched. There all kinds of insects, plants and animals can spend their life without getting disturbed by us.

Similar as for the animals it applies to the types of vegetables. Big seed companies only multiply and sell seeds of a very rare range. The outer appearance became more important than resistance to diseases or vermin.   Very little people are still putting the effort into multiplying their own seeds. Somehow understandable if you can get them very cheap in every supermarket, but it lead to the loss of countless types of vegetables. So next year when starting our gardens we are going to include as many old breeds of vegetables and fruits as possible and collect their seeds.