the english text is also at the german version, because for organization reason we only take volunteers who understand this text.

Hey lovely people!! 

At the moment, we are starting up the community at the place. Our aim is to live as self-sufficient as possible and support bio-diversity. To create a place where people feel welcome, to work & live together and produce our own food & energy. We are welcoming volunteers again from March onwards. We work about 5h a day, and stay & food is based on donation. As we are a beginning project we can’t cover everyones food and using costs.. so if you come to volunteer we invite you to donate to the “magic box“ how much and whatever you like.

The farm is a lovely and beautiful place with 4 big buildings (a barn, house, animal stables), an old water mill (which provides some electricity), lots of animals like chickens, goats, sheep & horses and forrest around.
The coming months we will be working on preserving stuff, keeping animals & renovating/building. We are looking mostly for builders, construction & handy people. The plan for the coming months is to create a shower, compost toilet, goat stable and finishing up the trailer.
Justus: I am here since the beginning of August this year and want to create a place where a sustainable and ecological friendly lifestyle happens. A place to calm down and enjoy nature. As well as to experience and be aware what is actually means to supply yourself with energy and food in a contrast to city life. I want to experience and keep on learning together with other people how to do these things. Another important thing I want this place to be is to stay in contact with people, to learn from each other and to be aware of ways of communication.
Kim: My first visit here was in March 2017. I loved the place immediately. The quietness, animals and forrest around was exactly what I needed. My aim is to learn how to live (more) self-sustainable and to create a place where people can feel at home and be their true selves. In the future, I hope to host events & workshops here too.
More info:
The official name of the property is ‘’Die Neue Mülhe’’ (the New Mill). We have an average sized farm (around 4 hectare), which is located 80km south of Berlin. The surroundings are mainly fields and pine forests. The farm is 500m outside of a small village. At the property there is an old waterwheel from the 18th century that used to grind grains and is now used to produce electricity to heat the warm water supply and power some radiators. So there is a creek going through the land. The property is owned by Matthias Kiekbusch who bought it 10 years ago, but a large part of the land is now free to set up a community life here.
We keep a livestock that includes chickens, ducks, three horses, sheep and goats. As well as a dog and three cats. There is space to make gardens for self-sufficiency of food, which used to be there but haven’t been used in the last two years. The buildings at the farm are the actual living house that we share with Matthias and two of his daughters. Then there is the mill building that includes a café in front. Further there is a building where the ground floor is used for the poultry in winter and another, which the ground floor is used for the horses in winter. There is a big barn that is occasionally used for events in summer as well as a small barn that works as a storage place.   We are located 80km south of Berlin. It takes about 1 hour by car to get here, and 1,6 hour by public transport.
What is included:
We work on donation. There is food (Vegan/Vegetarian) & accommodation. During cold weather sessions you can stay in a room in the living house or in one of the caravans on the property.  We are usually eating lunch and dinner together in the kitchen. Breakfast you can take when you are ready. We will provide you with basic vegan (mostly organic) food, our own eggs and self-made cheese. At the end of your stay, we ask you to leave a donation, so we can cover the costs & continue the project. Hosting people (accommodation & food) costs us around 4 euros a day. 
How many hours of work per day/week:
5-6 days a week, 5 hours a day
Minimum/Total time commitment
1 week minimum (preferably longer) – 1 month
Donation for food & using costs
At the moment, we are mostly looking for builders and construction people, but are also open for musicians and people who like to clean & organise. As we are just starting out, there is a lot of organisation, building and cleaning to do.  The coming months we will be working on preserving stuff, keeping animals & renovating/building.
Contact details:
You can send us an email with an introduction about yourself, your expectations of being here and what kind of stuff you can do to: farmthenewmill@gmail.com
There is also a FB group for volunteers & friends of the farm: https://www.facebook.com/groups/486334171744457/